16 April 2008

the why's

This is more to do with my livejournal blog (the journal I more faithfully update), Book of the Black Rabbit.

1. my username is________ because ________.

Masquedbunny -- My sororiname is Bunny, and I have a thing for (and collect) Venetian masks and masquerade dress.

2. my name is ________ because _______.

Maria -- My mother wanted to name me after the Holy Mother in such a way that was compatible with my German last name and her own Italian heritage.

3. my journal is titled ______ because __________.

"Book of the Black Rabbit" -- I respect Watership Down's version of Death, a shade-bunny, and have a tendency to address morbid subject matter.

4. my friends page is called ______ because ___________.

"meine merkw├╝rdige Lieblinge" -- I studied German, and liked the idea of calling my friends "my freaky darlings" in another language. Let's face it, some of you are odd ducks, too; and I love you.

5. my default userpic is _______ because _________.

"Masqued" -- It's just another play on the masquerade theme and masks.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde.

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