25 March 2009

we only come out at night

(Cross-posted to LiveJournal)

I keep thinking about painting (the walls, not a fresco). Several things need to happen before I can do that.

* wait for it to warm up enough to leave the door open for aerating purposes

* wash the walls (a cat lived here and there is no doubt hair and other gunk I can't see); however, before I wash the walls, I must:

* figure out how to do this without stripping or eroding the plaster

* remove whatever is on the walls (frames, masks, etc.)

* vacuum the floors, so that dust and dirt aren't kicked up while I'm washing or painting the walls; but before I can vacuum the floor, I must:

* move everything out of the room to some other room where it will probably get underfoot and annoy me

I'm going to need a long warm weekend for this project.

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