14 June 2009

"Artistic Merit"

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When last we saw him, Mr. J and Dr. Quinzel were meeting in the Arkham cafeteria for therapy (a perk after J's being attacked by Dr. Strange). This time, the Arkham staff are testing the therapeutic effects of art ...

New from TheJokerBlogs, "Artistic Merit":

The way he pauses at 3:51 is just perfect--going from anger to interest to flippancy to blank consideration to anger again with renewed artistic vigor. Along with his take on the Mona Lisa and a portrait of Jerry the giraffe (from a comic strip he did months ago), Harleen's portrait is posted on DeviantArt:

Harlequin by ~thejokerblogs on deviantART

The altered version is on Facebook: here.

Also the inclusion of Pearl (from Arkham Asylum, and voice work done by MsManagr) at the end made me smile.

More to do with TheJokerBlogs: I ordered what will hopefully be a better version of my WWJokerD T-shirt (a white T instead of green this time). Alas, the red text on the green shirt has not had a lasting power in the washing machine. The result is that, from not very far away, it just looks like a WWJD slogan--and this in spite of only ever washing it in cold water. So I'm going to "fix" it myself, as it's well beyond the 30-day return time limit set by CafePress, and MsManagr has given me the go-ahead to vandalise the hell out of it.

I think this is going to be fun. When it's done, I'll show and tell.

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