16 March 2009

yes, you heard right

(Cross-posted to LiveJournal)

"Erm, I was looking for a book by Russell Brand, but I can't find it where the kiosk is telling me it should be ... Do you have any idea where else it might be in the store?"

"Is it listed as 'In Stock'?"

"Yep." I wouldn't be bothering if it weren't.

"And the title?"

"... Erm. ... My Booky Wook." *blush* It's not until you have to ask for it aloud that you realise how utterly ridiculous you sound by desiring it.

*smirk* ... Clickclickclickclick goes the keyboard. "And the author is Russell Banks?"


"Brand." ... Clickclickclickclickclick ... "And the title again?"

ARGH. ... Why do I get the feeling he's doing this on purpose? ... "My Booky Wook." *grimace*

"Right." Clickclickclickclick ...

And after that and a browse through the featured stacks (something I'd already done before asking for assistance), he couldn't find the book anyway. He asked if I wanted to order it, but I didn't bother. One, there's a Borders across the street. And two, I had a feeling he'd just make me give him the information all over again.

So I went over to Borders, and, lo and behold! They had plenty of copies in their Media section. I would've been lost in Biographies (where Barnes & Noble had it listed) if I hadn't done a search at their kiosk as well. And I begin to wonder if it wasn't in B&N's Media section, too ... Oh, well!

Also, the clerks at Borders were much less judgmental about my purchase. Or, rather, they were judgmental--but in a approving and non-mocking way.

So--I'm now a proud owner of My Booky Wook (but not so proud that I appreciate having to repeat the title aloud too often to people who have no idea who Russell Brand is, let alone having any concept of his particular level of silliness that would warrant such a title).

I really am happy to have the book, though. I think it'll be an entertaining read.

Turn the page ...