15 June 2009

True Blood S02E01 -- teletalk and spoilers

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Anna's acting aside (and I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this point), my sole complaint with the series was the [perfectly canon] possibility that Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) would not see the second series. He was my favourite character in the first series, and completely independent of his role in the book universe. Amazing actor, amazing character, just really entertaining and fun to watch.

Lafayette wasn't a major character in the books, and Charlaine Harris killed him off (in the first book, if memory serves me); but in the show, I think he has been much too well-loved by the audience to just get rid of him so carelessly. If the intro is anything to go by, perhaps Alan Ball has thrown that out the window. Fine by me ... [Edit: Still watching (10:31) ... am I writing too soon? Is he going to die in this episode? If he dies in this, I am going to FLIP.]

I can't help but feel a bit sad that it appears Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is going to be turning into a Jesus person Fellowship of the Sun member this season. He was such a fun little man-whore in the last series. Ah, well. Character development. C'est la fiction.

Also, if the YouTube BloodCopyCom viral campaign is any indication, we might see the second Great Revelation (weres and shifters making themselves known) sooner than the pace of the books would have it. In the books, it didn't happen until Dead and Gone.

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