05 June 2009

a question of taste

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Regarding some of yesterday's tweets--

For whatever reasons he may have (in or out of character), @TheJokerBlogs asked his Twitter followers who their favourite artists were. And I responded, and you can see the response [on Twitter].

Now he wants to know our favourite work of art [...]

That's even more difficult than the first question, really. Art is so varied, I just don't see the point in narrowing down all mediums of art to one art form and then choosing a favourite in that category. I still responded--on YouTube, because there's no point in pretending that the answer will fit into 140 characters:

... Once again, I'm pretty sure I don't have a single favourite. The ParkeHarrisons' "Architect's Brother" [I cheated here, as this is an entire exhibit of their work, but, well, I love it.]. Füssli's "Nightmare". Bruegel's "Triumph of Death". Escher's "Eye". ... They're kind of cliché. Oh, well.

I'm wondering where all of this is leading. Is Mr. J planning to rob and/or vandalise an art gallery? Something else deviant and devious?
... Or is this just for "gits and shiggles"?

(Yes, keeping my language silly and clean for YouTube ...) And, honestly, I'm still quite certain that those aren't my "favourites". They're just ones I admire that I happened to think of at the time. More will probably rise to the surface as the day wears on.

So I'll pose the question to the people reading this: Who is your favourite artist (if you have one)? And what is your favourite work of art (again, if you have one)?


(Comments from LiveJournal)

Melissa: As far as art goes, I can't fairly say - my exposure is far too narrow to give a good opinion, I think.

Of artists I've *seen* though, I tend to lean toward Impressionists for personal preference. Something about the color use attracts my eye.



Nicole: I guess my favorite artist is Seurat, though I also really (strangely enough) like modern art in all its wackiness, especially Yves Klein.


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