08 June 2009

harping on movies and music

(Cross-posted to LiveJournal)

[...] After a casual glance at yesterday ... yes, indeed, I do tweet at least once a day. I know it was overkill, but at least neither yesterday nor Saturday included my running commentary about Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ondskan, or True Blood. And there was a lot. There always is--and it only gets worse the more times I've watched. This is why I tend to watch movies alone. I should just have my own MST3K, really.

On the topic of Ondskan, by the by, for your consideration: Andreas Wilson. He's like a better-looking, better-acting [Swedish] Hayden Christensen. Don't give me a hard time about that, either. We all know he was about as dynamic as a block of wood in the Star Wars franchise, even if he is a doll-baby.

In hindsight, the question about modern music as a lullaby--What Nirvana, Pixies, Smiths or De La Soul number would you sing a small child to sleep with?--might have been more appropriate to address in a journal entry, as I certainly had more than 140 characters to say about it. As to where it came from, it was posed by TheAuteurs here. I would've done the "Reading the Movies" meme, but I don't really own any books about film (though I probably should, for how much I go on [and on and on] about it), apart from scripts and annotated screenplays.

More songs (inappropriate or not) that came to mind: The Doors' "Crystal Ship", STP's "Atlanta", Sarah McLachlan's "Angel", Massive Attack's "Teardrop", Chumbawamba's "Lullaby Demons" (which is a cheat, because "lullaby" is in the title, but I don't care) ...

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