07 May 2009

wow, not-a-blip-and/or-tweet

Staying up late reading might've added to the morning's misery...

I nodded off reading Wuthering Heights, which is one of the many free books you can download to the Stanza application on the iPhone.

On a related note, it's more fun to read literature now that I'm not required to respond to it formally. I've downloaded forty or fifty different texts. They'd seem like too many, were it not for the 1.5 hour commute to work in the morning--and then again at night. It's a lot of time, and, most rides (when I'm stuck standing and need to hold on to something), the iPhone is easier to read than a physical book would be. I know I've touted it before, but it really is that useful.


I've watched The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2007 several times (okay, maybe more than several), but now that I've found it, I just like replaying this particular clip:

Noel Fielding's reaction is best. The first time I watched it, I definitely shared his sentiments.


... Have you seen Last.fm lately? The new player is quite flashy and it's twice as large as the previous version. See?

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