07 January 2006

New Zealand "kidult" programming

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So there's a new show out of New Zealand called Maddigan's Quest (formerly Maddigan's Fantasia), which I heard about in my IMDb.com travels because Michael Hurst is involved (he's Maska, the scary machine-man pictured right with the scarred-forever-and-ever baby).

I appreciate the fact that there is a definitive beginning and end for this show. It's 13 half-hour episodes, and that's it. So it's really a very long mini-series, rather than something aimless that could quit at any time; and I like a show that has a specific destination in mind (we know how many aimless shows exist).

There's no US carrier for it yet, but I could see it going to either Sci-Fi (as one of those early morning things that nobody watches) or a late afternoon Fox/WB/UPN slot for kids coming home from school or something. The trailer for it is great, though. I hope SOMEBODY picks it up (though, the fact that it's not a continuing franchise is probably not in its favor since most networks seek something that might have a run of a few seasons).

Oh, and there's an official website for the trailer and show info: www.maddigansquest.com

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