24 October 2006

YouTube observations and The Prestige

I just realized (yesterday) that a YouTube user has been uploading all the seasons of The Tribe. I think she's made it up to the fourth season. every episode--52 per season--is divided into four parts, about five minutes long each. That comes out to so many hours of The Tribe--that I don't even have to pay for.

I'd already watched up through the end of season two, so I'm working my way through season three right now. It's awesome.

But I keep hearing mixed rumors that YouTube may start charging for membership. so that could suck.


I went to see The Prestige last night with Nicole.

I definitely enjoyed it more than Insomnia, another Christopher Nolan film. I'm still trying to decide if I like it better than Batman Begins. Maybe. It's a close race.

I figured out the general two-part twist halfway through, but I'm still puzzling over a few specifics.

For example, the business with Tesla (David Bowie)--and there are a few parts to this question. One: Why was "Tesla" the keyword if it had nothing to do with anything of Christian Bale's backstory? Two: When Tesla's machine does its cloning/teleportation, where does the original go? Is it the original that is transported and the duplicate that is left over? Or is it the other way around? And if the original is transported, then Hugh Jackman's duplicate shot the original--but if the duplicate is transported, then the original shot the duplicate in that situation, but after every "transported man" trick the original is being drowned while the duplicate lives on.

Or is what Tesla said the absolute truth? "They are all your hat." Duplicate and original don't matter, because they're exactly the same in every way--identical consciousness and sense of self continues on in both?

And following Bale back to Tesla, is that why he has an identical brother? Is it a real twin, or a Tesla creation? And which one is the little girl's father--the brother who was condemned to death or the one who survived? I'm guessing it's the one who survived, since it was he who loved the girl's mother.

I sigh, still enjoying all the motif moments.

See it.

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