21 December 2006

3x Thursday: A Little Help

I am not as ambitious as Melissa, and cannot come up with thirteen things of a single topic in a day's blog entry. Instead I'll do this.

1. Do you believe there's such a thing as a chemical imbalance? Do you think that treating these problems with drugs is a good thing? Why/why not?

Yes, on both accounts. I have had family and friends who suffer from depression attributed to chemical imbalances. Without the drugs, they would fall apart to the point of dysfunction each and every day. My mother has no thyroid. She needs to take prescription drugs so that her body may accomplish what a body with a healthy thyroid would do on its own. It should also be said that being without a thyroid (or an over-active thyroid) affects not only your physicality but also your mental functions as the chemicals go to all parts of the body, including the brain.

I'm not sure what you intend by the word "good"--I would say that it's good that people can now do for themselves what was never even in the realm of possibility half a century ago. My great grandmother spent the better half of her life in an asylum due to any number of mental problems (and probably thyroid dysfunction, too), because no one knew what to do for her. My mother doesn't have to suffer the same thing because she can take drugs for her problems. Yes. I call that good.

2. What about drugs for brain-related stuff like depression? Do you think one should be able to get over it themselves, or do you think sometimes we all need a little help, and sometimes we need meds for a while?

I don't believe there's an all-inclusive answer to this question. Anything brain-related should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Prescriptive drugs will help some people some of the time. Sometimes just exercise will help. Sometimes turning to religion helps. But then sometimes nothing will help an individual. Don't get me wrong. I don't think anti-depressants and anti-psychotics should be given out like M&Ms, but I disagree wholeheartedly with those who would discount them entirely.

3. Whom do you turn to when you have emotional crisis? Why?

It might be a lazy cliche, but "I get by with a little help from my friends"--and when I'm done pouring my heart out to whomever, I sit down and write my reflections. Writing is a very therapeutic activity for me.

Bonus Question: Are you ready to deal with Christmas? Will you be happy or sad when the holidays are over?

I know this was meant for the comment section on the source site, but I may as well go on, right?

I'm nearly ready for Christmas to be here, though I'm still not entirely convinced that it is nearly here. I'm in Boston, and it's been unseasonably warm here for the past three months; I think we've only had two days where it flurried a little. I suppose I'll have a bout of sorrow after the day passes, but it probably won't hit me until January is underway. Mostly, I'm looking forward to the after-Christmas sales.

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