10 December 2006

high and dry

The title is in reference to where the Holidailies hub has left us for today--promptless. I am thus abandoned and neglected, and my topic must fend for itself and decide what it wants to be. My topics are a lot like me, however: indecisive, ever changing, and always procrastinating.

Granted, I've been mostly ignoring the Holidaily prompts, or twisting them to suit my purposes. But I like having that option of ignoring something.


My morning has been terribly lax. Toast, tea, and milk in bed. And Torchwood.

I was re-watching "Countrycide" this morning, the sixth episode of the series. It's like The Hills Have Eyes, but set in the Welsh countryside--and focusing more on the team-members of Torchwood rather than the crazy rural cannibals. I made some screencaps ... and four icons.

John Barrowman has the best teeth ever. Seriously. The man has perfectly white, straight teeth. And nearly vampiric canines. Just awesome and unbelievable teeth.

I've been downloading songs and bands that have been featured on the show so far, because the music in the first episode inspired me. I think it was Snow Patrol's "Spitting Games" that set me off on the music search. And it just so happens that wikipedia has an episode log for the series, and a music list for each episode. Seventeen songs, fourteen artists, mostly Brit pop. My favourites have been Snow Patrol, Placebo, Hard-Fi, and Mogwai.

Yes, I'm kind of obsessed. There's a new episode airing tonight on BBC Three, and varying reports are calling it "Random Shoes" and "Invisible Eugene" ... I'm inclined to believe the latter, since it's coming from imdb.com (which seems to be a better source for reality than wikipedia--hey, I love wikipedia, but it can be full of crap).


The shopping update? I've done no holiday shopping this weekend (bad Ri!), online or otherwise. I really must get that act together. And soon.

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