04 January 2007


It may be a foolish flight of fancy, but I'm contemplating going to London next weekend.

I've been researching the possibility online, and I could fly there and stay in a hostel for a total of less than $800. The first question is: Do I want to spend $800 for three days and two nights in London?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Second question is: Should I?

I know what my mother would say: NO (and a big fat NO, at that). But I'm twenty-three years-old, so I don't really have to seek anyone's counsel or permission in this matter.

And that's where I'm stuck in my thought process right now.

My first idea had been to visit my friends in New Jersey for that three-day weekend; but they're going to be at Disney World, so I axed that idea. And then, I thought up this new one. It's terribly last-minute, and I'd be going alone, but I think I'd have a good time (you know, provided I kept my nationality a well-kept secret).

I think my only regret would be that it would only last for a three-day weekend. I've only ever been to Heathrow Airport in the UK, and I'd really love to go for a longer visit and actually sight-see. Three days will give me a taste-test, but I'd probably be better off going for a week when I have more vacation days accrued.

But I want to go. So maybe I will.

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