20 March 2007

come as you are

It's been nearly a month since I've posted in this blog, and I'd like to make a longer entry than this (because I do have plenty to write about). But I'm about to go home (in, oh, ten minutes), so anything of real substance may be put off until this evening. Or perhaps tomorrow morning.

Suffice to say, St. Patrick's Day weekend was good fun (in Boston, how could it not be?).

I have a wretched habit of dropping obsessions and taking up new (or old) ones. I think it has something to do with compulsive tendencies and seasons and weather.

For example: the weather is cold and I'm stuck inside, so my inner home-maker decides to do stereotypical hausfrau things like cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.

Now the weather is slowly becoming pleasant again, and clothing is changing to suit that, so my ego comes home and says, "Get out and do something! Do some crunches! Summer is going to be here, and you don't want to look the way you do when that happens!"

So my arts and crafts have been ousted from their mental slot by thoughts of exercise and diet. It's rather unfortunate, since I think I enjoy the arts and crafts more than the latter two.

It's also unfortunate that I suffer this mental tunnel-vision that blocks out the other things I enjoy while I'm concentrating too much on things that don't give me much pleasure. That's not to say that I don't find things about exercising and cuisine to enjoy. Certainly I do--I think I'm going to enjoy my new bento box whenever it arrives.

But I miss writing. And sewing. Maybe once I get into a particular habit, I'll be able to do all of these things without getting migraines or being extra-exhausted by the end of the day just from thinking about them.

On that note, I'm going home.

But later: the fanfic reading update! And some thoughts on that and other entertaining things I've seen lately.

P.S. Arkaidy, you are one of the cool kids.

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