26 May 2009

do something (someone?)

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I ...

Well, I have a few thoughts about the Aldous Snow persona. One is that the Aldous Snow persona seems to have a real person's hair, when Russell's usual half-back-combed 'do looks more like a character's. Two is the belief that the production didn't actually have to spend any money on the Aldous Snow wardrobe (or a very small amount, anyway), and that they probably just told Russell to show up in whatever he'd normally wear.

Three is more of a wonder than a statement, and that is my wondering if Russell actually did the singing for the part (for this and/or "Inside of You"--which is similarly hilarious for how heartfelt, earnest, and chock full of cellophane-thin innuendo it is).

I think my favourites of the signs are: "False Untruths Kill" and "Sodomize Intolerance"

I kind of want to make some icon bases--him GLOMPing the man in the Middle Eastern garb, snogging the policeman, molesting the nun, etc. The video has nice still possibilities. I should probably finish my bases from the caps of Disco Pigs first though ...

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