10 May 2009

just a note

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Reports say: Star Trek is awesome. You should see it.

Also: You'll cry, not once, but twice. Emotional wreck!

(ETA: ... More from LJ)

agent0fchaos: Did you see Gaila [Rachel Nichols] and think, "OMG! IT'S THE BEST POISON IVY EVER AND SHE'S IN A TREK FLICK!"

"Hahaha--very close to that reaction, yes.

"I didn't even notice that her complexion was green until she called for lights. Then, my mind--channeling Mark Hamill, apparently--went: 'PAMMY?!'

"Come to that, they did a pretty decent job of creating alternate species for this. I mean, there were still a lot of typical Trek humanoid variations with impressive make-up, but the use of computer graphics for non-humanoids (or humanoids with extremely emphasised features) was pretty tight, too."


Susan: Star Trek is AMAZING. I cried like after the first five minutes. Best movie this year! I LOVED IT!

"YES. Five minutes in, I was crying and on the verge of an outright sob--and really, really grateful that I was in a row by myself so that nobody had to witness it. ... And then it happened again, on Vulcan when they were trying to beam out the Council, and--agh! Blubbered like a little girl!"

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