30 May 2009

we can't stop here

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TheJokerBlogs' "Mr. J" is exposing another of his fandoms ...

Yesterday, on my way home I received a Twitter device update from @TheJokerBlogs that read: I'm planning a little vacation disguised as another famous rebel and will be at Hollywood & Highland today. And I'm bringing my attorney.

The inclusion of "attorney" made me think: Thompson--especially since I was overloading on Fear & Loathing a few weeks back.

Sure enough, a few hours later (while I was watching my recently acquired Russell Brand in New York City DVD), @MsManagr posted these:

There seemed to be some amount of confusion on YouTube as to which one is "Mr. J" ... I'm not sure how anyone would think that the man playing Dr. Gonzo is him, but then I've already seen video and pictures with him makeup-free. But really? ... Of course, he'd be Duke.

There was further confusion regarding the characters' names. "He's Gonzo--the one in the white hat." Half-right ... While Hunter S. Thompson--may he rest in peace--is/was often known as the original "gonzo journalist", his physical representation in Fear & Loathing is not Dr. Gonzo (who is, more properly, Oscar Zeta Acosta), but Raoul Duke. And when someone asks which one he is, and the name choices are Duke and Gonzo, Duke ought to be the answer that would cause least confusion.

... Yeah, okay, so I'm a didactic Johnny Depp fangirl and all-around bookish nerd.

More pondering: in revealing his actual face, I wonder if this is a prelude to [-----] coming out of the J-closet.

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