07 December 2006

"animals howling in the night"

The Holidaily prompt of the day is asking us to recall our most memorable "perfect day"--but that isn't sparking any inspiration. It's just causing Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" to lodge itself in my brain and not go away. So I think I'm going to ignore the prompt, and I hope no one cares.

My mom sent me a vacuum cleaner in the mail. I'm taking this as a subtle hint (on top of her earlier more blatant remarks) that she thinks our apartment is dusty.

But mild resentment over opinions about my nonexistent housekeeping skills aside, I'm actually happy to have it; it's an improvement on the Dirt Devil, as it is bristle-free and won't scratch the wooden floor. And, more to the point, I recently decided that I need to pull down the storm-windows for the winter season. Lots of "stuff" accumulates between the window pane and the wire mesh screen over the spring and summer months. Suffice to say, I desperately need to vacuum out the cobwebs and dead insects around and inside my windows, so I hope this vacuum has attachments.

Mum also forwarded a UPS e-mail notification that says something else is supposed to arrive on Monday--and I'm guessing it's something that is also heavy or bulky, else she'd have had it delivered to their address and waited till I came down to visit them.

Very excited, very excited, indeed. Have become Welsh. ... Ignore that Eddie Izzard reference if its meaning escapes you. It's not that important.

Anyway, I don't really know what it is--but I'm hoping it's a region-free DVD player, so I can finally watch The Tribe and Lawless on my television, rather than my laptop. And I could rescue (and watch) the Once Were Warriors DVD from my parents' house. And finally get around to ordering The Brave from Amazon.co.uk, a film that I've been meaning to watch since, well, forever.

Yes, counting eggs as chickens. Good, good.


The eighth episode of Torchwood became available in the late afternoon on Tuesday, so I downloaded it and watched it on Wednesday morning. It's entitled "They Keep Killing Suzie" ... and, as you might expect, they really do keep killing Suzie (a character that died in the first episode, whom they resurrect for this one).

On imdb.com there has been much speculation about the end of the episode, wherein Ianto and Jack are discussing the myriad of uses for a stopwatch (an implement that Ianto is carrying around and using for most of the episode). So many imdb.com users are insisting that it could be completely innocent. Well, no, boys and girls--the creators are trying to make it obvious that it isn't innocent fun and games. I mean, really, the producers have already announced that all the main characters on the show have the potential for omnisexuality (especially Captain Jack), so why is anyone surprised about a possible Jack/Ianto pairing (it's easier to swallow--double entendre really not intended--than Jack/Owen or Ianto/Owen)?

And besides, we have this from the Official Site: the Jack/Ianto instant messenger transcript. Yeah, so what if Ianto's girlfriend just died; we suspend lots of disbelief for the sake of this show, so there's no reason to not suspend it here.

... I can't wait for episode nine.

And I can't believe there are only thirteen episodes per series! Is it a solely State-side trait to have a 26-episode season?

In other entertainment: yesterday, I received the third and fourth discs of Witch Hunter Robin in the mail--SPOILER ALERT: skip the tiny paragraph between the following images if you've not watched this series and intend to do so.

That cannot be the end of Amon!! We're only halfway through the series! Helping her escape and then being some kind of martyr?! What the crap was that?

That being said, I'm supposed to get the fifth disc today, and I'm excited about finding out what happens.


Ooh! look what Se gave me to try!

I had Cappuccino, Strawberry, and Praline. They are awesome--and so ridiculously cute! Little chocolate seahorses! Se says that this kind of chocolate is very expensive in China due to import taxes, so she buys them here and gives them as presents when she goes to visit. Nice idea.

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