15 December 2006

drenched to the bone every time

The coffee's not quite doing its thing this morning. I suppose that's what I get for deciding to finish watching Doctor Who's "World War Three" after we finished decorating the tree last night. I should've just gone to bed, but I wanted to know how it ended. Well, of course, the Doctor and Rose were going to save the day, but I wanted to know how exactly.

So it was some time past midnight when I went to bed, and I got up at 5 to the sound of Band of Horses' "The Funeral" playing on FNX. That song is growing on me--probably because I've woken up to it three times in the past week. You might think that would be more annoying than anything else; but, no, I'm liking it.

Oh, yeah. We decorated the tree last night after a trip to Target. The loot? Earrings. And retarded made-in-China penguin ornaments. Seriously. These ornaments are probably made by retarded Chinese slave-children in a sweatshop. I think my favourite of the set is "Mr. Penguin molests Mr. Snowman" ... So, yes, we have sexual harassment Christmas ornaments. Yes, they're retarded and poorly put together; but, honestly, they're rather charming for how bad they are.

It was an amusing night of Christmas music, decorating, and ornament interpretation. The lights ... Our Christmas tree has an impossible number of lights on it--700? 900? ("More lights than God" is the phrase we've applied). I forget what the end count was, but it's impressive and a little scary (to me, anyway--I think my one flat mate still believes it's lacking in lights).

And I'm exhausted, but we have a decorated tree, so it's completely worth it.


And I watched "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" this morning. I don't care if Jack Harkness is a con man. He's dead sexy. I'd "dance" with him.

That said, I'm going to hold off on watching the rest of the episodes until work is over. I could just sit here with my iPod propped against the monitor, watching television episodes all day, but ... well, I don't want to watch them all at once. There are only thirteen episodes per season, after all. I have to make them last somehow.

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