14 December 2006

office space

People really need to get out of mine. Part of our office's holiday hijinks is a game called "Guess Who." Players answer lots of questions about themselves, the names are taken away, and everyone has to guess which answers go with which person. One of the questions is about eye colour.

So for the last few days, elderly strangers have been walking into my office, getting up in face, and staring into my eyes. Sometimes squinting beadily. It's disturbing. It needs to stop. I've decided I'm not playing, because there's enough invasion of space going on around here without my getting actively involved. Thanks.

Sometimes my younger coworkers and I pass around funny e-mails and links to amusing web-finds between us. The latest one I received was a video entitled "fruitcake lady" and it's pretty damn funny, so I think I'll share.

I love blunt old ladies. They're hilarious. I want to be a blunt old lady when I'm, you know, old.


The first and second episodes of Robin Hood finally finished downloading. I've determined that the comedy of the series is built around the absurd and neverending arguments the characters are having every other scene.

Example? Okay, there's a brief scene in the second episode where two of the Sheriff's guards are talking about Robin of Locksley and suddenly come up with the show's namesake:

Guard 1: They should call him Robin of the Wood! (hardi-har-har)
Guard 2: Robin Wood! (duh-huh-huh)
Guard 1: Robin Hood! (ah-ha-ha-ha)
Guard 2: You should tell Sir Guy that one. He'd like it.
Guard 1: I don't want to tell him. You tell him!
Guard 2: No, not me, I don't want to tell him.
Guard 1: Why not?
Guard 2: He might not like it.

And so on.

Yes, it's corny. But it's growing on me.

In other bittorrent news, I hope the first season of Doctor Who is finished by the time I get home. I really want to watch the Captain Jack episodes, and possibly upload them to my iPod as something to entertain me while I'm sitting around Logan Airport next Friday.

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