20 December 2006

not a moment too soon

Yesterday morning I was writing about my issues with Beta Blogger; and, ironically enough, yesterday night Blogger suddenly announced the end of calling this new version "Beta." It doesn't really change any of the complaints I have with the system, just the name--but they're making it out to be a very big deal, kind of forcing people into making the transition.

I'm just as happy I decided to go ahead with it beforehand; I'd feel very irritated if I hadn't done so of my own volition, and were now being coerced into the change.

Among other changes (because, while I'm at it, why not?), I added new things to the sidebar--a task which swallowed up the better part of last night. There's a short list of some of my favourite fanfiction (the ones I could track down, anyway), and a rather long list of most recent music artists heard on my iPod and iTunes (an idea I borrowed from Geoff's sidebar, a list which he calls "Playing On Myne Ipod"). More will be added to each list as whatever it is occurs to me; and, potentially, more kinds of lists will be added to the sidebar as they occur to me.

In terms of music, I found that Wikipedia was the most useful source for locating official musician and band websites. Google helped, too.


"Movies you enjoy watching most this month" is today's Holidaily prompt, but I feel like I've already gone into this before.

Though I make fun of them to no end, I enjoy the classic Rankin & Bass Christmas productions (and I've definitely addressed them before).

A Garfield Christmas Special
A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Santa Clause ... Yes, it's Tim Allen. Yes, he's kind of awful. No, I just don't care (though, I refuse to watch any of the sequels).

I also used to love Benji's Very Own Christmas Story, but I haven't been able to find it in my parents' video collection after the several moves they've made in the past six years.

There are probably others that I'm not thinking of right now, but I might edit this post later to include them. Oh, yeah. And I'll probably sit down to The Nightmare Before Christmas at some point this holiday season, as well.

The one movie that is always brought up as a Christmas classic, and that I've never watched from beginning to end, is It's a Wonderful Life--a fact that makes me feel like one of the dopey officers from The Ref who accidentally records the film over the police evidence. But it's so damn long, and I've seen the "never-been-born" premise done in so many other shows and films, that I don't think I'm missing too much.


I think tonight will be a digicam night--of Christmas-y picture-taking. Our tree, the freaky penguin ornaments that don't make sense, and my holiday acquisitions (of which I have a fair few already).

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