20 December 2006

present? presents! ... and our tree and its ornaments

I said I would take pictures, and so I took pictures. And this is the rather pathetic fruit of my efforts ("pathetic" being in reference to my nonexistant picture-taking skills, not the items in the pictures themselves)--but you get the idea. Click the little babies for a larger view.


I got a haul: a pretty card from the 'rents; a DVD player, also from my folks; a Venetian mask; Forever Knight Part III from Sue; and Fables, Nick of Time, and Serenity from Andrea.


These are mostly blurry, but still pretty.


My sped penguin ornaments--so weird, so retarded, so perfectly cute.


Again with the blurry, but some of them are okay.

And that's all for now folks!

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